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Landing Fees

Landing Fees:

Single: £10 plus VAT
Twin: £20 plus VAT

Please notify us before you arrive.

Component Overhaul

Heli Charter has CAA approval for carrying out overhaul, half life inspections, bearing replacement and repairs to the following:

Component Tasks Part Number Component Overhaul Component Overhaul
Tail Rotor Pitch change mech Overhaul 206-all part numbers
Cyclic Pivot Support 1200 insp/O/haul 206-001-360-all
Collective, Cyclic & T/R Bellcranks Bearing replacement All
Main Rotor Head 1200 hrs/5 year O/haul 206-010-100-all
Main Rotor Head 1200 hrs inspection 206-010-100-all
Main Rotor Head Overhaul 206-010-100-all
Main Rotor Mast 1500 hrs insp/O/haul 206-040-002-all
Main Rotor Mast 1500 hrs insp/O/haul 206-040-014-all
Swashplate & Support Overhaul 206-010-701-all
Tail Rotor Hub Overhaul 206-011-801-all
Tail Rotor Hub Overhaul 206-011-810-all
Tail Rotor Hub Overhaul 206-011-810-all
Tail Rotor Blade Bearing replacement 206-016-201-all
Main Transmission 1200/2400/4500 hr O/haul 206-040-002-all
Main Transmission Overhaul 206-040-004-all
Freewheel Unit Overhaul 206-040-230-all
Freewheel Unit Overhaul 206-040-270-all
Tail Rotor Gearbox Overhaul 206-040-400-all
Tail Rotor Gearbox Overhaul 206-040-402-all
Tail Rotor Gearbox Overhaul 206-961-401-all
Transmission Pylon Link Overhaul All
Transmission mount & restraint Overhaul All
Transmission Nodal Beam Mount Overhaul All
Main Drive Shaft Overhaul 206-040-100-all
Main Drive Shaft Overhaul 206-040-015-all

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 822555.

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