Terms & Conditions



The following Terms and Conditions of Business (hereafter called Terms) are part of the Transport Agreement. Changes to these Terms are only valid when confirmed in writing by Heli Charter Limited.

  1. Strict weight restrictions apply – Please contact us before your flight if above 16st / 102Kg.
  2. Any persons taking part on a flight must be capable of entering and exiting from the aircraft unaided. If there is any doubt please call the operations department for further clarification.
  3. For all flights, participants should ensure that they are in good health and if in any doubt should seek the medial advice of their GP.
  4. Flights are subject to weather, aircraft serviceability and operational circumstances, as a result flights are subject to cancellation at short notice. Heli Charter Ltd will not be held responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation or any other associated costs, should your flight be cancelled for any reason.
  5. Heli Charter staff and the Captain of the aircraft reserve the right to refuse any person on board the aircraft if he/she suspects them to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.
  6. All quoted flight times are approximate and may vary on the day of the flight due to volume of air traffic or other operational reasons.
  7. Whilst every precaution is taken for the safety of passengers, neither the owner/operator of the aircraft will be held liable for loss, damage or injury that does not result from negligence.
  8. Heli Charter flight vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of dispatch.
  9. Heli Charter reserve the right to postpone an event due to lack of participants.
  10. If you cannot attend your flight booking please let us know within 48 hours of the flight date. Should you do not arrive for your flight without prior notification your voucher will become invalid and the cost is non-refundable.