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Landing Fees

Landing Fees:

Single: £10 plus VAT
Twin: £20 plus VAT

Please notify us before you arrive.

About Us

Heli Charter Ltd was established in 1987. The following year, we were appointed by Bell, meaning we are certified by Bell to carry out field maintenance on the Bell 206 and 206L Models, as well as the Bell 407 and 429 Models.

We have three bases located around the UK.

They are in:

Manston is an EASA 145 approved line and maintenance base with sales. It is also home to our Operations Department and main Helicopter Fleet.

Turweston is also an EASA 145 approved line and maintenance base. It is primarily used for non-Manston maintenance operations and supports the National Grid Bell 429 operation.

Devizes is where the maintenance for our Bell 429, G-WLTS (also known as the Wiltshire Air Ambulance), is performed. This is based at the Police HQ in Devizes.

We currently operate more than ten helicopters for charter, lease and event support.

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 822555.

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01843 822 555

Sapphire House
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